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Security and Surveillance Systems

Access Control

Schlage provides a complete line of access control hardware and software products to fit your needs and budget. Our access control software functionality includes alarm monitoring, credential production, visitor management, elevator control, offline and online lock integration, security touring, and portrait monitoring.

Schlage also provides a full line of expandable access control hardware to complement our suite of software offerings. Schlage hardware includes reader controllers, reader interfaces, wireless readers, I/O modules, controller communications, power supplies, custom enclosures, readers, and credentials.



Schlage's Security Management System seamlessly integrates a variety of technologies using open architecture design standards.



Schlage's complete line of access control hardware delivers the ideal solution for customers of any size.



Schlage offers an extensive range of reader technologies for every business requirement.



Schlage offers an extensive range of credential technologies for every business requirement.



The Schlage Security Management System is the ideal solution for all of your photo ID badging needs.


Guest Pass

The Guest Pass system allows you to issue visitor badges and grant temporary access to secured areas.

DSX offers symmetrical scalability. Grow your system from one location and one PC to 32,000 locations and up to 999 PCs on a Wide Area Network.

General Product Information

The DSX Access Control System is the cutting edge in 32 bit Windows™ applications coupled with the latest in scalable hardware. The system was created to be feature packed and still maintain ease of use that DSX has always provided.

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WinDSX Standard Features

  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server Editions
  • 32,000 Locations
  • 128 Doors / Readers per location
  • 50,000 Access Codes per location
  • 32,000 Time Zones with 3 Holiday overrides each
  • 32,000 Access Levels
  • 32,000 Inputs
  • 32,000 Outputs
  • 32,000 Companies
  • 32,000 Holidays
  • 99 User Defined Fields with custom attributes including hidden
  • 32,000 System Operators
  • 32,000 Password Profiles
  • 999 Operator Comments
  • 32,000 Graphic Alarm Maps
  • Import Graphic Alarm Maps of 21 file types including AutoCad
  • 170 + Card Reader, Keypad format compatibility
  • 32,000 Custom Action Messages
  • 32,000 ASCII Output Messages
  • Time and Attendance
  • Guard Tour
  • Pager System Interface - ASCII / Relay Output
  • CCTV Interface - ASCII / Relay Output
  • Digital Video Recorder Integration
  • Auto Incremental Downloads (changes only)
  • Integral Database Backup and Restoration System
  • Auto-Backup procedure/ Backup to any storage media
  • Schedule Automatic History Reports / Email
  • Regional Time Zones for Workstations and Remote Sites
  • Limit Number of Card Uses 1-10,000 / Card Disable Reader
  • TCP/IP Network Protocol support
  • Integral Photo ID Badging and Photo Verification w/Image Ghosting
  • Card Holder Photo Roster Report
  • Auto/Manual Image Recall
  • TCP/IP Panel Communications with Modem Backup
  • Alarm Echo - Offsite Alarm Monitoring / Remote Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Global Access Level Manager
  • Unlimited Access Levels Per Card Holder
  • Date Controlled Temporary Access Levels
  • Card Use It or Lose It automatic deactivation
  • Precision Start and Stop Dates and Times for Card Activation
  • Threat Level Management
  • Hot Swap Redundant Comm Servers - SQL Version only

Access Control - Common Area and Perimeter Doors

Recognition Systems biometric HandReaders provide the most positive identification for access control. Schlage Computer-Managed (CM) locks and Cobra CM locks provide unmatched access control for common areas and perimeter doors such as in corporate offices, universities, hospitals, apartment buildings and commercial establishments.

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